Balloon Business Bootcamp (Virtual Training)

Learn How To Jumpstart Your Balloon Business From "America's Top Balloon Expert" Sandi Masori



Take a look at what you'll learn and how it will help you start to see real results 

This is the home study edition of the intensive mastermind bootcamp.  In this mastermind, you will learn what you need to take your business to the next level, and make more money. You will get a customized marketing roadmap, and a killer portfolio so you can get out there and start selling. 

The training is all done online, through recorded webinars and self- guided instruction.  It's a 6 week bootcamp.  

The Obvious Part- The BALLOONS 

  • Learn from Sandi and some of her incredibly talented friends! 
  • We will reverse engineer pictures submitted by the students and job cost them to find out the minimum selling price. 
  • We will build the recipe for each piece, and students will make them at home and submit photos for critique.   

The Marketing 


  • You will learn how to determine who your market is, what your business model is and how you can find your customers
  • You will learn how to properly price your decor 
  • You will learn how to build a flyer to be able to go out and immediately sell 
  • You will build a portfolio (see next section) 
  • You will learn how to build a custom marketing road map so you can go back home and hit the ground running

The Portfolio


  • Sandi is also going to open up her portfolio to you so you can pick photos from Balloon Utopia and use them in your portfolio.
  • Sandi will share the recipes and her selling price for each photo you pick.  
  • You get full rights to use the un- watermarked photos in any way you choose.
  • This alone is worth MORE than the price of the course.  Sandi has thousands of photos from her 23+ years in business!   



The Location

All of this is happening online - you can do it in your pajamas!! 


This course retails for $1,997, but because we want to help you reach your goals, and we've had a HUGE demand, we're offering the Home Study version for a fraction of the price! 

Only $695  

$350 for a limited time only

(offer expires 9/30 at 11:59 pm)

The Extras 

There's all sorts of bonuses and extra goodies loaded into the members area.  Also when something new comes out, you'll be the first to know!  

The Networking 

One of the amazing things about a small group mastermind is the bonding that happens between the attendees.  You will find that not only do you learn from our experts, you will also be learning from each other.  Often the friendships that are built in this type of intensive seminar are life-long.  We have an incredibly active private Facebook group only for Balloon Business Bootcamp members.  

The Instruction

The live course was spread out over 6 weeks (& beyond through the community), but you can enjoy self- paced instruction with activities and assignments to hone your skills and ensure you develop a solid foundation.  Each week the next webinar will drop into your account.  That means that you can view the webinars weekly, or you can go through them at a slower pace if that works better for you.  Also you can view them again and again.  


The Community 

It doesn't end once the course is over.  Alumni of the course will be invited to a private facebook community where they can network with other alumni and ask design, marketing and pricing questions.  

The live course was $1,997 (full-price) but the home study version is only $695.  You can learn the material at your own pace by following the recorded webinars from the live course.   

Only $695 

$350 for a limited time only

(offer expires 9/30 at 11:59 pm)

If you have questions, or need to make payments*, please call Sandi at 619 339 8024 

Testimonials From Past Students: 

The layout of the course was great.  Each week built upon the next. By the end of the class we were actually marketing ourselves to our target clients. Most of us who took the course acquired new clients based upon these strategies.  Bravo to you and your guest speakers for that!    Rob Letts 

Omg there is no way to fail if you take this class!!!! I feel confident asking someone for large amounts of money for my work because I believe in myself, my products and pricing. Also, I've left myself room to grow in my current pricing. Where I'm at people are still absorbing the sticker shock but when you see all that you get, I'm a steal of a deal in addition that no one is offering what I am in a 75 mile radius. I am looking forward to being the most sought after artist in my area because of the knowledge I gained from this class as well as the on-going support. Thank you Sandi!!!! The class is totally worth it and I know businesses are growing all over because of the info you graciously opened up to the rest of us!     Brandy Elaine 

The class was awesome it helped us identify our target market since then we have so much more knowledge and have had corporate businesses interested in our work. What a great investment for our business.  Shane Cash

The RV dealership loved the balloons and want me to do something for Memorial Day! Sandi, I probably wouldn't have made the call, if it wasn't homework. Rachel, I used one of your templates for my quote. Thanks so much, ladies!    Adrian Perry Winfrey 

I have absolutely no regrets, and I have to admit I was a little bit leery in the beginning. I thought this might be too beginner for me, because I’ve been selling balloons now in this industry for over a year, but I really needed that class. My dream now is maybe next year to go and spend a weekend with Sandi and see hands on how she handles her business. So, if you’re considering improving your business with skills that you’re not going to find on YouTube, and you’ll definitely find in a book, but you’re probably going to have to read several books, I highly recommend that you take Sandi Masori’s Balloon Business Boot Camp. Really worth every penny. Christine Maentz CBA


* For more information or if you have questions, email 

** Please note that some of the physical bonuses that are mentioned in the recordings are only available for those that purchased the live training.  **

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